About us

We are specialists with outstanding experience
in software development.

Our mission is achieve of non-standard targets for business automation and satisfy the most challenging requirements of our customers.

How we work
High Quality Analysis
We estimate the IT Infrastructure
of customer and opportunities
for its improvement.
Good Support
We attempt efforts for increasing transparency and visibility
customer financial statement.
Individual Approach
We develop software to satisfy
individual customer requirements.
Customer focus
We create projects increasing benefits and strengthen competitive advantages of our customers.
We help our clients
Install hardware and software
We provide the qualified support and flexible financial policy for every customer need.
Our completed accounting and back-office systems are ready for business implementation.
Automate business processes
Development of business applications based
on 1C:Enterprise configurations and proprietary products.
Outsourcing and technical support of the information systems and infrastructures.
Software development
Custom software created in accordance with the requirements of Cypriot and European regulators and the international legislation.
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